Rebuilt Carburetors

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We have our own lab for rebuilding carburetors. We rebuild only the original carburetor for each model. We do not rebuild or sell after market carburetors as we have found the quality to be very inconsistent. Prior to shipping we test each carburetor on a jeep. We test drive as opposed to a simple flow test. This insures reliability and that you will be back on your route quickly. Most carburetors do have to have an adjustment to the choke setting upon installation due to changes in altitude where you live.

Call 1-866-355-7278 to order.

Top Left - DJ-5D Middle - DJ-5F Right - DJ-5G
Bottom Left - DJ-5L Middle - DJ-5M Right - DJ-5B & DJ-5C

Carb5D      Carb5F      Carb5M

 Carb5L      Carb5G      Carb5B5C