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There are many original parts still manufactured in the USA or Canada. We have all of these parts in stock. All of our new parts are OEM, meaning they are original and meet the specifications of the original manufacturers. There are some parts, however, that are discontinued and no longer available. For these parts, we use our salvage operation. We know Postal Jeeps inside and out. Over the years, we have salvaged hundreds of them. We still have hundreds waiting to be stripped for discontinued or obsolete parts. We take them apart by hand, piece by piece. We take the best of these parts and recycle them, test them, and then stock them into inventory. Many of the parts are completely rebuilt. One of our owners will personally inspect every part before shipping them to you. If your part is not new we will always advise you in advance. Most of our recycled parts have a one year warranty. Few new parts manufacturers offer anything close to that.

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Steering Gear Boxes

Over the years the DJ's were equipped with several brands of steering gear boxes. Far and away, the most reliable and long lasting were those made by Saginaw. They are all interchangeable so we sell only Saginaw gear boxes. Our steering gear boxes come with a one year warranty. Call for price and delivery.

steering gear box


We carry a complete line of new radiators and hoses for all modes except the DJ-5G. We do have some hoses for the "G", but the radiators are no longer made.

DJ-5B, 5C, 5D, 5F, 5M    radiator 5B C D F M            DJ-5L    radiator 5L

Complete Front & Rear Ends

We have salvaged front and rear ends at amazing prices. Each has been road tested, disassembled, cleaned, and carefully inspected before being lubricated, reassembled and then stored in our warehouse. Each comes with a thirty day warranty. These are available for immediate shipment and will save you hundreds of dollars in parts and labor costs in repairing damaged front or rear ends.


We have a complete line of new leaf springs. We also carry the original shock absorbers. These are all USA made and OEM just like all our other parts. Bushings and shackle kits are also available.

Used Transmissions

We sell used transmissions. We normally suggest that you try to find a local transmission shop to rebuild your transmission so you will receive a local warranty. There are some exceptions, however.

·       If your local transmission shop quotes you a price in excess of $600, you may be better off with one of our used transmissions for $300 plus shipping.

·         If your transmission is damaged and cannot be rebuilt, you may wish to purchase one of our used transmissions.

·         If your transmission is a BorgWarner T-35, you may wish to replace your drive train with one of our Conversion Kits. Call for pricing.

Used transmissions are first test driven to insure they are operating smoothly in all gears. Then we remove the fluids, clean, and inspect them thoroughly. Finally we replace the front, rear, and shifter seals, as well as the gasket and filter.

Currently, we have transmissions for only DJ-5D, DJ-5F, & DJ-5L.

Our used transmissions carry a 30 day warranty. This warranty does not include shipping and local labor.

We also have rebuilt transmissions with new Torque convertors. Call for price.

Used Engines

We offer a complete line of used Postal Jeep engines. Each engine is road tested to insure that it runs smooth, does not smoke, and has good oil pressure. Then we do a compression test on each cylinder. If we are satisfied we steam clean it, road test it one last time and then remove it and ship it. We never remove an engine and store it in a warehouse. We want the engine to have been road tested within forty-eight hours of being shipped. Before shipping we remove the carburetor. All other parts are left for the convenience of the customer. That is an amazing value. Normally a long block engine is sold completely stripped. You then have to remove all the parts from your old engine and replace them on the new one. Or you have to pay someone else a few hundred dollars to do it for you. But with our engine all the parts are already installed and they have been road tested prior to shipment. Not only does this save you in labor but you get free used parts worth several hundred dollars! You get everything but the carburetor, manifold, and flywheel. This includes water pump, alternator, distributor and all hoses and cables. Amazing!

Our used engines come with a thirty day warranty for the engine only. Freight and labor are not covered. The associated parts left on the engine are not covered by warranty but are guaranteed to work when you install the engine.

Currently, we are unable to supply DJ-5G & DJ-5M engines.

Used Engine 1    Used Engine 2

Service Manuals

Service manuals are available for all models complete wiring diagrams included. The cost is $49 per manual for all manuals except the DJ-5M, which is $59. Every DJ owner should have one. They will pay for themselves the first time you use them.