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DJ-5's made prior to 1975 are becoming increasingly difficult to support. Models DJ-5B and DJ-5C each have the older transmissions. Both the Borg Warner T-35 and the Warner Gear M-11 are very expensive to rebuild. The rebuilds often do not last long before more problems arise. In cases where the transmission is bad but the rest of the jeep is in good shape, we provide a kit to upgrade the jeep to the status of a DJ-5D or 5F. These jeeps have newer motors of course but more importantly they have Chrysler A-727 transmissions. Each is tested thoroughly and completely reconditioned. The kits include engine, transmission, drive shaft, all associated parts, and all linkage and attached parts. The engine and transmission are warranted for thirty days as to parts. These kits are shipped with the engine and transmission completely assembled with all parts attached. Installation is a snap. A service manual is included. These kits are priced at $1,750 plus freight. We have shipped these kits to every state in the union and there are hundreds of DJ-5B's and 5C's still on the road that would otherwise be in the junkyard. Call us for more details.

Then there are the DJ-5G's ("AUDI" model). In 1978 the Post Office had the finest DJ ever made...the DJ-5F. The great gas crisis of 1978 caused everyone to reduce gas usage and the Post Office answer was to put a 121, 2.0 4-cylinder engine into the DJ-5F. It was a disaster. The heads are aluminum and with the heavy load designed for a 6-cylinder 232 engine they constantly overheated and cracked. After eighteen months, the Post Office discontinued this model and completely redesigned the DJ. They gave it a larger engine and reduced the load. The "disasters" were sold to rural carriers. We get calls most every day from people who have the "AUDI's" and need new engines. We have a better solution. We have a kit which restores the "AUDI" model back to what it was designed to be...DJ-5F. The kit includes a reconditioned 6-cylinder, 232 AMC engine. The head is completely rebuilt and the block is inspected, cleaned and new gaskets & seals are installed. A new timing set is installed as well. Also included is a Chrysler A-727 transmission, drive shaft, cross members with mounts, front grill, and radiator. Every nut, bolt, and screw you need is provided and we include a service manual with hundreds of pages of instructions, troubleshooting guides, pictures, etc. Each kit is from a DJ-5F and each is road tested. The motor and transmission are warranted for thirty days. All parts are in perfect working order when shipped. We replace anything that needs it. We have shipped hundreds of these kits to rural carriers all over the country. Carriers are amazed at the difference this kit makes in working the route. This item is currently out of stock.

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